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Photo Studio is a place where you can find professional photographers, videographers and graphic designers – freelancers with the experience and skill set you need for the best results in commercial photography. We can team up and deliver a big or small project done to the highest standards.

Premium product photography – you ship it, we shoot it!

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    Processing product images following your ecommerce template rules. Removing product background and replacing them with a pure white background like for Amazon and other platforms.


    We can edit your images so that either the background is removed or replaced by another background of your choice.


    Creating a shadow and reflection of your image so that it looks more realistic and 3D. Shadow preservation and elimination depends on the style you need.


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Accomplished projects

Price list


€10 – €15 per product if 3 – 5 images per product required, catalogue type of pictures, white backdrop


€150 per studio hour – for example items to be photographed flat lay, small items (not jewellery) or high volume of products

The minimum order value per sitting is €250 which includes studio setup and basic editing to customer’s specification; shooting with a maximum of two cameras at one sitting.


  • €850 per shooting day (8h)
  • €450 per half day (4h)

Mobile studio service and sessions at customer’s location might be a subject to travel expenses.

ADD-ONs to BASIC option

  • editing to extraction is not included in basic service and price starts from additional €1 per image
  • custom photo files naming is a subject to extra charge
  • saving photo files in different file formats, different crop etc. is not included in basic service and it is a subject to additional charge
  • digital background replacement or removal is a subject to additional charge
  • product styling and lifestyle photos are not included in the basic service (ask for quote)
  • product video services are subject to an additional quote
  • 360 degrees imaging is subject to an additional quote
  • shooting tethered – shooting with a camera connected to a laptop computer. Being able to instantly see shots on a big LCD screen. Is an extra service provided during studio session only. Must be order ahead the session and cost €75 per session.